Yoknapatawpha and Starkville Area Arts Council Host 1st annual Scrambled Egg Bowl

From Nov. 6 until the Egg Bowl, The Yoknapatawpha Arts Council and the Starkville Area Arts Council will be hosting a competition between two 11-man teams of artists recruited by the local communities. Playing on the age old rivalry between the two state colleges, the event will be called the Scrambled Egg Bowl. The art councils will compete with their respective teams scoring “Touchdowns” by selling their art.

Artist auditioned for the teams by submitting art to either of the art councils and auditions were open to all Mississippi residents.

“We wanted to emphasized the strength of art around the state so partnering with the Starkville Area Arts Council allows us to build relationship with artist and communities and really showcase their work,” Americorp Vista with YAC Jessica Richardson said.

For artist this is a great way to showcase their art while “playing” for their local communities.

“It’s a great way to network and get your name out there,” former and current rebel Paul Gandy said. “Any chance to show some work is worth it. The competition is really good. I’m just honored to be selected as one of the artists for the first Scrambled Egg Bowl.”

Uptown Coffee hosted Kickoff & Coffee for the opening of the Scrambled Art Bowl on Tues., Nov. 6th, from 6 P.M. to 7 P.M. Uptown Coffee is currently housing much of the art from both teams and all donations and purchases of $5 or more allows a patron to vote on their favorite art piece adding to that teams score.

(Quote from Uptown Coffee manager)

The winner will be announced on Black Friday, the day after the Egg Bowl. The winning team will take home the golden paint brush.

“This is the first ever Scrambled Egg Bowl and we have to bring home the trophy for Oxford it would only be right, ” Member of the Yoknapatawpha Art Council team Debbie Myers said. “Especially since we don’t know how football is going to go.”

The Yoknapatawpha team consist of: Catherine Smith, Debbie Myers, Pam Locke, Maria Paolillo, Paul Gandy, Anna Yates and Thomas Gorsskopf. The Starkville line-up features: Walter J Diehl, Joe MacGown, Jin Won Kim , Gerard Woods, Dylan Karges, Bonnie Bruemley, Holly Johnson, Fay H Fisher, Bonnie V Renfore and Lexus Giles.


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