Ole Miss Meek Art School Houses Kathryn Hunter’s Exhibit “Concurrence”

Louisiana-based artist Kathryn Hunter, whose mixed media exhibit “Concurrence” will be on display in the University of Mississippi Meek School of Art through Oct. 28, showcases a wide variety of skills, ranging from graphic design to sewing and steel-cutting.

“Its a culmination of a lot of different aspects of art,” Assistant Professor of Graphic Design and Gallery Director Tyler Barnes said. “We have graphic design, there is laser cutout of metal, welding, fiber art, fabric and sewing is all combined in as well”

Hunter runs a print studio in Baton Rouge, Blackbird Letterpress, and her print background shows heavily in her work.

“She is able to take her basic printmaking processes and combine them with modern art and printmaking to break away from tradition while still holding on to the old techniques,” associate professor of sculptures Durant Thompson said.

Her art exhibit is spread throughout two rooms. Some pieces are in a small entrance room, which leads to another larger gallery room, which houses the rest of her art. One of the first things one notices upon entering the exhibit is the overpowering amount of white walls, giving the art the appearance of being printed on paper.

The entrance room welcomes the viewer to some of the common themes of the exhibit with the artworks “Eclipsed” and “Wadling”. Eclipsed introduces the viewer to the dog who is a guardian of spirit and keeper of guns. In the artwork the dog is surrounded by the different phrases of the moon alluding to our spirits connections with the moons and the universe in general. The way the light reflects of the art work puts a spotlight on a certain phase of the moon depending on the viewing angle giving the work the illusion of being a legend or guard of some sort.

the way adjacent to the “Eclipsed” houses the artwork “Wadling” which depicts what appears to be a polar bear surrounded by water droplets. This artwork introduces us to the bear which is a common theme through out Hunters work. The bear is a character, One of the largest fieriest predators but still vulnerable.

The exhibit is 19 works of art collectively with four in the first room and the rest in the back larger gallery.

The exhibit features a lot of installation art sometimes making the art pop such as “Tidal” which features a series of laser cut steel shaped like the different phases of the moon over wool fish. The way the light reflects of this exhibit also changes with the viewers angle allowing viewers to interact with the art. The art seeks to depict the intimate connection between fish and the moon. This again alludes to our connection as human to the rest of the universe.

“its not inside of a frame so each one of those individual phrases of the moon were nailed into the wall,” Barnes said. “Kind of merging 2-D art and 3-D art all at the same time. ”

According to her website, Kathryn Hunter is a fine artist based in South Louisiana where she runs blackbird letterpress, a printing studio which specializes in quirky animal stationery, handmade notebooks and cards, and invitations, with a focus on good craftsmanship and good design.

Hunter received her undergraduate degree in printmaking from Montana state University and her MFA in printmaking from Louisiana state University before going on to start her company.

Hunter’s Work has been commissioned by Clarkson Potter (a division of Penguin Random House), Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City, Norton Simon Museum of Art, Los Angeles, and Historic New Orleans Collection.

The open house for the exhibit will be Thursday Oct. 25 in Meek Hall and will allow viewers to interact with Hunter and ask her question about her art and process.



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