What Works Weeks 6: Kanye West Made SNL Stars ‘Uncomfortable’ with ‘Surprise’ Trump Rant: Source

Headline: Kanye West Made SNL Stars ‘Uncomfortable’ with ‘Surprise’ Trump Rant: Source

This article details the event of Saturday Night Live this weekend which ended with Kanye West offering an impromtu Pro-Trump rant. During his rant he offered conspiracy theories blaming Democrats for purposely taking dads out the home and pushing welfare.

It also talks about the response from the SNL crew who was surprised by Kanye’s rant. Kanye accused the crew of bullying him for wearing the hat which the crew denied. The crew acknowledged that he had been wearing the hat all week without anybody getting him any trouble and that he even asked them if he should wear the hat.

The article also notes that his rant wasn’t televised but because the show was already off the air not because they were silencing his voice.

This article works because they contacted a wide variety of source and even capture the story from many angles even getting the presidents response and twitter’s response. It also does a good job of linking to the actual rant and twitter post.


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