What Works Week 5: Rod Rosenstein Suggested Secretly Recording Trump and Discussed 25th Amendment

Headline: Rod Rosenstein Suggested Secretly Recording Trump and Discussed 25th Amendment

This article from The New York Times details an alleged between Rod Rosenstein and other White House officials about wanting to secretly record Trump and discussing the 25th amendment. The article does a good job of talking to everybody involved in the story from the allegedly the people around the situation to having Donald Trump and even an updated response from Rosenstein. ‘

The article does a good job to note that Rosenstein denies the claims and it actively attempts to dive deep into the thinking and atmosphere surronding the whole event going into details some of the event leading up to this discussion such as the firing of James Comey.

As this point it think the Times is just beating into the ground the fact that they are opposed to Donald Trumps presidency. This is like the second or third time this month the Times has used completely anonymous sources for big stories and it is starting to make me question their credibility.

This story is based a lot on he said she said and it really just boils down to a story to bash trump that can’t be proven one way or the other.


C Spire Looks to Provide High-Speed Internet to Mississippians

According to a recent Pew Research Center report, about a quarter of Americans in rural areas believe that access to high-speed internet access is a problem and in Mississippi that number rises to 36%.

“There is a lot of talk about does Mississippi have a brain drain,” C Spire spokesperson Dave Miller. ” Do the young people have the opportunities they need if they go to a community college or a 4 year institution. Are there job opportunities available at the appropriate level that they think justify staying in the state? We feel very strongly that technology offers opportunities to offer more jobs in those areas.”

Lack of high speed internet can hamper a community in a a number off ways from something as little as causing a slow gaming session to limiting a business’ ability to grow. C Spire is actively using technology to improve the quality life for rural Mississippian through a wide variety of channels.

In 2016, C Spire and TeleHealth coordinated to help people who suffer from chronic disease such as Diabetes

“what we did is we partnered with university of Mississippi medical center and we provided tablets and our network and they partnered with a technology company/ software company where they gave people in some of the most rural areas of these state these tablets to use to monitor and manage their diseases and what was amazing was they reduced their emergency room visit. It was almost reduced completely,” Miller said.

Many of the problems keeping high-speed internet from being integrated into people’s lives in rural areas is cost, mainly because of a light population density.

“When you look at providing services, whether it’s telecommunication services or Internet access, you look at (population) density,” Miller said. “In rural areas, one of the reasons people live in these rural areas is because they don’t want to be around lots of other people. Another part that is unique to Mississippi is that we have a lot of rural areas, we’re not a populous state. We don’t have a lot population clusters, outside the cities we have a lot of small towns in rural areas, people love living  in the country and not being tied into a lot of things you associate with metro areas. These things make it difficult to serve the population.”

Whether you live in a rural area or a big city, the need for fast internet is there.”

In the rural areas that are throughout the state, people have to come to go into their towns to find a local library or go to the closest city for a coffee shop just to do tasks like apply for jobs.

Ole Miss seniors Allan Brooks and Delvin Davis often come to the university library to play games on their computers.

“At home the internet lags while here (at school) the quality is higher,” Brooks said. “The Library has a noticeably more stable connect.”

With students coming onto campus to play their games while other places in Oxford, C Spire is aiming to provide a stable connection in areas that haven’t ever seen it.

University of Mississippi Computer Engineer PhD Candidate, Daniel Coto said When I was an undergraduate, I would come to campus and play games with friends. The internet was better there than it was at my house. With the internet being inconsistent, it ruined the gaming experience since we couldn’t always stream a game with our friends.

C Spire is also hoping to add 5g connectivity through out the state.

“We could take some of our underlying wireless technology or 5g technology and apply it to provide internet access. So where we have cell sites that we have fibers feeding those cell sites we have the opportunity potentially to offer 5g internet.”

“Whether it’s jobs, whether it’s the economy, it’s all of these things to help move Mississippi forward,” Miller said.

The journey that is bringing Mississippi towards a future where technology is integrated into the lives of its citizens is bringing companies out of the cities and into the technology age.


What Works Week 4: U.S. is denying passports to Americans along the border, throwing their citizenship into question

Headline: U.S. is denying passports to Americans along the border, throwing their citizenship into question

This article from the Washington Post talks about people who were born in America but are increasingly having their passport denied because border agents don’t believe they were born in The United States.

Starting under Bush and continuing under Obama before a decline, the US began questioning birth certificates issued by midwives as they were a string of fraudulent certificates being distributed. Under Trump revived and rejuvenated that practice leaving legal citizens in a legal limbo as they attempt to freely travel across the border.

The Post does a good job of detailing the story and showing how these policies are affecting everyday Americans. They also do a good job of pulling together data and talking to quality sources such as a lawyer and documents pertaining to a late doctor.

I like how the article was originally published but the Post went back to add in data from the justice department and other sources. It shows that the post is concerned and dedicated to making the story as accurate as possible.

Ole Miss Steers Clear of the Nike Controversy

“For most people [the Nike Swoosh] didn’t register,” Professor of Sport and Recreation Administration Kim Beason said. “Most people probably knew we were sort of Nike but they didn’t care, but now does it register. Does the swish register with people. Are they gonna see it more than they did before? Nike likes that.”

One stroll around the Ole Miss campus and there is no question who our sponsor is. From the countless Nike apparel in our bookstores to the many student athletes draped head to toe in Nike. the brand is very visible on campus.

Last Thursday Nike shook the country when they released an ad that featured ex-NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick prompting backlash from certain groups and even prompting a response from President Trump.

Following the release of the ad, the University of the Ozarks ended its partnership with Nike and the Mayor of Kenner, La advised people close to him to avoid using Nike products for the recreational activites.

The University of Mississippi has yet to release a statement or response to the ad continuing business as usual.

The University of Mississippi is 1 of 10 sec schools who have a partnership with Nike or one of its affiliates and after a 12 year extension in 2015 they are contracted to remain with Nike until 2027. Under this contract Nike promises to pay Ole Miss $1.9 million annually to be the exclusive provider. Ole Miss is also sheltered from having to spend cash for Nike Products.

“Does the university benefit from Nike or does Nike benefit from the university,” Beason said. “That’s what it comes down to. If its mutual we’ll stay with nike until Nike isn’t mutual beneficial to us.”

The release of the ad was as controversial as the act itself but most school that are contracted with Nike are bond by a contract which doesn’t allow the school to leave unless Nike goes bankrupt or doesn’t pay it the money they promised.

Here at the university student athletes have largely been unbothered by the ad being released some even going as far as saying it brought the team together.

“Everybody on the team is a family,” Ole Miss Track and field team member Emanuel Foster said. ” Everybody agrees with each other so there isn’t really any racism or anything like that.”

Support for Kaepernick’s and Nike’s actions were widespread amongst student athletes.

“I think its good for the brand because the stand that Colin Kaepernick took with all that is going on in America and the world it shows that they don’t care about just one Side but care about anything,” Ole Miss football player Brenden Williams said.

Ole Miss has largely attempted to avoid any controversy itself with coaches recomending their players to stand for the anthem out of respect.

The communications department for athletics couldn’t be immediately contacted for comment.

What Works Week 3: Dallas officer Amber Guyger charged with manslaughter after killing neighbor in his apartment

Headline: Dallas officer Amber Guyger charged with manslaughter after killing neighbor in his apartment

This article from USA Today details the events and aftermath of a police shooting that took place Thursday. The officer Amber Guyger was arrested and charged with manslaughter Sunday after she reportedly accidentally walked into the wrong apartment and shot Bothan Jean.

This covers a very heated and conflicted topic in it being an officer involved shooting of a black man but its is even more controversial being that he was inside his own house.

USA Today does a good job of tracking down reputable and quality sources from the mother to the Dallas Mayor. It also does a good job of answering some of the important question like how much her bond was, if she is still in jail, who is doing the investigation, etc.

Some of the questions that are still left unanswered is what happened inside the apartment and how did she walk into the wrong apartment. She would have essentially had to break into the apartment to have gained interest and then to shot the resident is crazy to me and almost seems like an excuse versus what actually happened.