What Works Week 1: Introducing the Upshot’s Encyclopedia of Donald Trump’s Twitter Insults

Headline: Introducing the Upshot’s Encyclopedia of Donald Trump’s Twitter Insults

This article from The New York Times talks about a then new database of all of President Trumps insults which he has made public record through publishing to his 5+ million Twitter followers.

The article is interesting because they take something that is news but is hard to explain and explains it vividly by putting the information all in the readers face. They skimmed through all of Trump’s tweets since his election around Jan of 2016 and it was around 487 then so imagine what it is at now, which they have kept it updated up until July of this year.

I like how ever vile or disrespectful thing they say Trump said they can prove it with a link to his tweet. I think this is interesting because to say Trump is a horrible person or he is mean etc, would normally be a dead end conversation but by showing you his comments it paint a vivid picture of his character.

This article speaks to the hard work and dedication of the members of the New York Times crew because it take a long time to go through and read Trump’s tweets let alone archive and categorize them. It also speaks to their readers because something like this would only be news to a liberal leaning news station like New York Times and wouldn’t even get a mention on a more conservative network like Fox.

The article does a good job of giving a summary of the database and its contents and it also did a good job mentioning some of the more memorable comments made by or Commander and Chief.

The Archive


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