Special Council Unseals Plea Deals With Ex-Trump Campaign Foreign Policy Advisor

A plea deal made between the special council headed by Robert Mueller and George Papadopoulous, an ex-Trump campaign foreign policy adviser, was unsealed Monday. Papadopoulous, who was arrested Jul. 27 after arriving at Dulles International Airport, accepted a plea deal and has been working with the special council since his arrest.

Papadopoulous is charged with providing a false statement to the FBI about his contacts with professors he believed to have substantial connection to the Russian government during the 2016 campaign.

During the 2016 campaign, Papadopoulous acted as one of the Trump campaign’s foreign policy advisers and was tasked with improving the U.S. and Russia relationship. While a foreign policy adviser, he exchanged emails with several people he believed to have deep connections with the Kremlin and attempted to use these connections to set up a meeting between the Trump campaign and the Russian government. He also exchanged communications with a Russian professor who claimed to have “dirt” on Hilary Clinton in the form of “thousands of emails” and met a Russian National that he believed was the niece of Vladimir Putin

Papadopoulous was interviewed by the FBI in January about his role in the trump campaign and his connections with Russian Professors. In this voluntary interview he lied to the FBI about when the meeting took place. He stated that the meetings happened before he took his position in the Trump campaign and he attempted to down play the nature and significance of the meetings. Stating that he believed one of the professors was just a “guy talking up connections and stuff,” among a list of other lies that attempted to mask his role during the campaign.

Following his initial interview in January, he was interviewed again in February with his council. Following this interview, Papadopoulous deactivated his Facebook account which contained information about his communications with Russian connections and Created a new account that didn’t contain this information. He also later changed his phone number.

Papadopoulous’s misleading testimony is proof that of members of the Trump campaign had contact with professors connected to the Russian government.

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