Young Dolph In Critical Condition But Expected to Survive After Being Shot Multiple Times in Hollywood

Tuesday Adolph Thornton, Jr., better known by his stage name Young Dolph, was shot outside the Loews Hotel in Hollywood after an altercation that turned violent. During the altercation Young Dolph was pushed to the ground and shot multiple times.

He was transported to the hospital where he is in critical condition but expected to pull through.

Corey McClendon was charged with attempted murder in connection with the shooting Wednesday. McClendon is an acquaintance of Hoe Gotti, a fellow Memphis rapper who has beef with Young Dolph.

Young Dolph was shot at 100 times outside a nightclub in Charlotte earlier this year. Dolph was inside his bulletproof SUV and survived the attack and still made his scheduled performance at the same club. Dolph later made a song about the incident called “100 shots.” The song can be listened to below.

La Times


USA Today


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