Gunman Kills 1 and Injures 6 in a Church Right Outside of Nashville

Sunday a gunman killed one and injured six at Burnette Chapel Church of Christ in Antioch, TN.

The gunman, Emanuel Kidega Simpson, 25, arrived at the church as service was letting out around 11:15. According to multiple reports, he killed one person in the parking lot before he entered the church wearing a mask and injured six more while firing indiscriminately. Most of the victims were 60 or older.

Robert Caleb Engle, 22, a long time member of the church, confronted the gunman and during a struggle with Engle, Simpson shot himself. Engle eventually used his own licensed weapon to subdue the Simpson until the authorities arrived.

Two pistols were recovered at the church and a pistol and a shotgun were found in Simpson’s vehicle. Simpson is currently being charged with murder and more charges will be added later.

Currently Simpson’s motivations are unclear but he is believed to have been a member of the congregation a year or two ago.

Simpson is originally from Sudan but is currently a legal resident but not a citizen. He is believed to have entered the country in 1996.






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