NCAA Football Week 1 Recap

Its been a very long time with out football and for many people like myself its been a very long time with all the offseason news. I’m a student at the University of Mississippi or Ole Miss so naturally I’m a fan of the SEC and I would like to say we as a conference look a lot better this time around this year than we did this time last year or for a lot of teams, they look better than they did at any point last year. I know its only week 1 and not too much can be drawn from performances this early but there was still some great football this past weekend.

Alabama looks like the sheer powerhouse that they always do looking to make another great championship run as they seek to redeem themselves after a hard fought battle that ended with Clemson taking home the Championship trophy after a few crucial pick plays.

(If you look at the receiver on the outside you see he didn’t even make an effort to get open and that his purpose in this play was solely to disrupt the defense.)

LSU looks like a team that could give Alabama a run for their money this year in the SEC west. During their game against BYU this weekend they didn’t allow their offense to cross the 50 yard line. As an Ole Miss Fan that’s not settling to hear but as a fan of the SEC and some good football that is great to hear and I really look forward to a great match up between LSU and Bama Nov. 4.

Mississippi State played excellently in week 1 also. It could be the fact that they played Charleston Southern but either way they put up 49 points and didn’t allow the opposition to score any. I have Mixed feelings about Missouri, they played Missouri State and allowed them to get 43 points but they also scored 72 points and Drew Lock broke a record with 7 touchdowns so I’m not sure if that’s more due to good offense or bad defense. Either way we will find out this weekend when the Tigers face off against the Gamecocks in Columbia.

Ole Miss surprised me this weekend after a turbulent offseason I wasn’t expecting us to be much competition this year and their performance this weekend really silenced some of my doubts. Shea Patterson made some good plays with his feet and our wide receiver corps proved why they are in the talk as one of the great wide out groups in the league. Our opponent was South Alabama so our win was expected but I’m skeptical of how that will transfer over in conference play as I’m sure at least two or three of our big catches would have been broken up by a skilled defense like Alabama or LSU. Against Texas A&M I’m confident we’ll be able to get those same passed and probably even a few more but against a real team like Vanderbilt or MSU I’m a little worried.

Speaking of Texas A&M, they showed their love for the cinnamon challenged when they choked a 34 point lead in the second half. After A&M’s starting quarterback got injured the game slowly started to get away from them. four and out after four and out eventually lead to a late game comeback lead by UCLA’s Josh Rosen who really rose to the challenge and carried his team to the promise land with some excellent passing through out the second half.

Tennessee and Georgia Tech had an excellent match up during week one with a game that went into double overtime before being decided by a failed 2-point conversion from Georgia Tech. They took the Arkansas approach and it didn’t pay off in the end.

Clemson showed they are looking to take the ACC again this year. Despite losing Deshaun Watson to the draft over the summer Clemson doesn’t seem to be hurting offensively. They destroyed Kent State but this weekend they get to put their skills to test against Auburn.

Another team that disappointed this passed week was Baylor as they lost to Liberty 45 – 48 so I don’t think the TCU/Baylor battle will carry the same bearing this year unless Baylor makes a tremendous comeback by November.


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