Saudi Arabia Grants Women the Right to Drive

Tuesday in a royal decree signed by King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Saudi Arabia announced it would allow women to drive in the kingdom.

The decree will go into effect June 24, 2018.

The decree is a positive change for women in the ultraconservative kingdom. Saudi Arabia is under Sharia Law and has Guardianship laws which forbid woman from doing simple things like leaving home or getting an ID without having permission from a man whether it be a father, husband or son.

In 1990 females drove around the capital in protest and were arrested.

Some of the arguments for not allowing women to drive include male drivers wouldn’t know how to handle a women driver in the car next to them, allowing women to drive would collapse the empire and that driving would harm women’s ovaries.

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Young Dolph In Critical Condition But Expected to Survive After Being Shot Multiple Times in Hollywood

Tuesday Adolph Thornton, Jr., better known by his stage name Young Dolph, was shot outside the Loews Hotel in Hollywood after an altercation that turned violent. During the altercation Young Dolph was pushed to the ground and shot multiple times.

He was transported to the hospital where he is in critical condition but expected to pull through.

Corey McClendon was charged with attempted murder in connection with the shooting Wednesday. McClendon is an acquaintance of Hoe Gotti, a fellow Memphis rapper who has beef with Young Dolph.

Young Dolph was shot at 100 times outside a nightclub in Charlotte earlier this year. Dolph was inside his bulletproof SUV and survived the attack and still made his scheduled performance at the same club. Dolph later made a song about the incident called “100 shots.” The song can be listened to below.

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Monday Former Representative Anthony Weiner was sentenced to 21 Months for Sexting a Minor

Monday Former New York Representative Anthony Weiner was sentenced to 21 month in federal prison for sexting a 15 year old. He was also sentenced to three years supervised release and must register as a sex offender.

Weiner began messaging the victim intimately after she initially reached out to him on one of his social media sites.

Weiner’s defense made a point that he was also texting 19 other girls who were of legal age, arguing that the incident was out of sex addiction and not out of an attraction to young females.

Weiner’s trial gained national attention after FBI discovered emails forwarded to Huma Abedin, Weiner’s estranged wife and long time Hilary Clinton aid, that were related to Hilary Clinton. This caused the FBI to reopen the investigation into Clinton’s emails just weeks before the election although nothing illegal was found. A move Clinton has since labeled as one of factors that damaged her campaign.


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Wednesday, The Trump Administration Announced Its Plans to Cap The Amount Of Refugees to be Resettled in The United States in 2018 at 45,000, The Lowest in decades

Wednesday the Trump Administration announced its plans to cap the number of refugees allowed to resettle in the United States at 45,000 for 2018. This figure is the lowest since the modern refugee admission system was put in place in 1980.

The Obama Administration set the cap at 110,000 for 2017 but only about half that number has been reached due to the Trump Administration’s temporary ban on refugee resettlement. Refugee resettlement agencies are asking for at least 75,000 to deal with the humanitarian needs around the world.

According to CNN, the US plans to admit no more than 45,000 refugees in the coming year, with regional caps of 19,000 for Africa, 17,500 for the Near East and South Asia (which includes most Middle Eastern countries), 5,000 for East Asia, 2,000 for Europe and Central Asia, and 1,500 for Latin America and the Caribbean.

Although the debate is often labeled as between humanitarian goals and national security, the Trump Administration has argued the economic aspect of the matter.

“For the cost of resettling one refugee in the U.S., we can assist more than 10 in their home region,” President Trump said in a speech to the United Nations earlier this month as told on NPR.

Critics argue that refugees help stimulate the economy and that they are some of the most vetted individuals as the refugee screening and resettlement process takes between 18-24 months on average.


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President Donald Trump Waived The Jones Act for Puerto Rico in the Aftermath of Maria

On Thursday Press Secretary Sarah Sanders announced the Trump Administration’s plans to waived the Merchant Marine Act of 1920, better known as the Jones act, which experts say has slowed Puerto Rico’s recovery.

On Sept. 20, Hurricane Maria battered Puerto Rico with category 4 winds. The storm left most of Puerto Rico without power due to an outdated power grid. Following shortly after the storm roughly 4 percent of the residents had power.

The Jones Act requires that all goods delivered from the mainland to parts of the non-contiguous United States be transported on U.S. Flagged ships. This subjects foreign ships to high tariffs when they do business with Puerto Rico.

According to Bloomberg, goods shipped from the US mainland to Puerto Rico — often transferred from foreign ships onto US vessels in Florida — are double the price they are in neighboring islands, including the US Virgin Islands, not subject to the Jones Act.

Governor Ricardo Rossello reached out to the president to get the law waived.

Trump recently temporarily waived the Jones Act for Texas and Florida following Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

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Dwayne Wade Headed to The Cavs

Dwayne Wade has signed a $2.3 million 1-year contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers after reaching a buyout from the Chicago Bulls. Wade is set to clear waivers today and join the Cavs for training camp.

The Cavs already have a 20 man roster and will have to cut a non-guarenteed training camp invitee.

Wade who is 35 years old now, averaged 18.3 ppg with the bulls last year, the lowest of his career. He is a three-time NBA champion, 12-time All-Star and eight-time member of an All-NBA team.

Wade joins a team that is noticeably different from the team that made a good play off run before losing 4-1 in the finals to the Golden State Warriors. Some of the changes include the trade that sent Kyrie Irving to the Celtics in exchange for Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder and other pieces.

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President Donald Trump Calls Protesting NFL Players “Sons of Bitches” and Ask That They be Fired Causing a Spike in Protest

Friday President Donald Trump visited Huntsville, AL to give a speech. The speech closely resembles the rallies Trump held during his campaign and he used it to campaign for Luther Strange as Senator.

During the speech, Trump made some comments about the ongoing anthem protest that has taken place through out the NFL. Trump called the protesters “son of bitches” and asked that the owners fire any players who “disrespects” our flag.

This prompted widespread outrage and protest from players, owners, CEOs, supporters of the protest and supporters of American’s first amendment right a like Sunday and Monday.

“I think its a good thing that [the protesters, players, owners, etc] did [protest] to prove a point that the president is trying to take the first amendment away from certain people and I don’t think it should be tolerated,” sophomore biology student Kiersten Ellis said. “I think its a good thing to do that to make a point that they’re not going to give into him.”


Many people called the president’s words divisive.

The growing spike in protest did cause backlash from Trump, his base and critics of the protest.

Trump took to Twitter to ask fans to avoid games if they were offended.

Trump Tuesday also took to Twitter to ask the league to put in place a rule against players kneeling for the anthem.

Trump made a point to say the anthem protest wasn’t about race but about respecting our flag.

Although the president’s recent comment caused a spike in the protest and has drawn tremendous attention to the conversation of racial injustices, some people see the protest as veering off track such as sophomore international studies major David Pfaehler.

“Originally when Colin Kaepernick started to kneel during the national anthem, it had a serious reasoning behind it,” Pfaehler said. “It was to protest obviously police brutality against young black men and against communities of color in general. Now instead of uniting behind a constructive movement and Black Lives Matter it has now taken turn to satisfy egos. NFL owners only joined the protest when they thought their profits were going to be hurt or their players, who make them so much money, were completely against [the presidents comments].”

Director of the African-American Studies Program at Ole Miss, Dr. Charles Ross has some concerns with the turn the protest is taking too.

“I’m a little concerned that Colin Kaepernick has not gotten the opportunity to get a job,” Ross said. “He was the first one to start the protest last year, now these owners have come out suites. They’re on the field locking arms with players and its taken on a whole different kind of identity. Its like this unity protest and its not necessarily focused on police brutality.”

“[owners and CEOs joining the protest] is a relatively positive thing but I don’t think it can be totally positive because the individual that facilitated all this basically came out and spoke against police brutality and in essence racial inequality and racism in America,” Ross said. “He is now himself a victim of his own kind of willingness to take on this issue because he still doesn’t have a job.”

“I’m hoping that where it goes is that Kaepernick is given an opportunity to play football again, which i think is a real disservice,” Ross said. “In a lot of ways it just validates every thing he’s been standing for because the fact of the matter is that the racism of these white owners is perpetuated in the fact they’re not giving him a job. Yet they’re down on the field. They now embrace what he was doing, yet they’re still not giving him a job, so there is this other layer of racism that is being placed on the racism that he was talking about.”

Gunman Kills 1 and Injures 6 in a Church Right Outside of Nashville

Sunday a gunman killed one and injured six at Burnette Chapel Church of Christ in Antioch, TN.

The gunman, Emanuel Kidega Simpson, 25, arrived at the church as service was letting out around 11:15. According to multiple reports, he killed one person in the parking lot before he entered the church wearing a mask and injured six more while firing indiscriminately. Most of the victims were 60 or older.

Robert Caleb Engle, 22, a long time member of the church, confronted the gunman and during a struggle with Engle, Simpson shot himself. Engle eventually used his own licensed weapon to subdue the Simpson until the authorities arrived.

Two pistols were recovered at the church and a pistol and a shotgun were found in Simpson’s vehicle. Simpson is currently being charged with murder and more charges will be added later.

Currently Simpson’s motivations are unclear but he is believed to have been a member of the congregation a year or two ago.

Simpson is originally from Sudan but is currently a legal resident but not a citizen. He is believed to have entered the country in 1996.





St. Louis Judge Finds Jason Stockley Not Guilty of Murder in the 2011 Police Shooting of Anthony Lamar Smith

On Friday Sept. 15, a St Louis Judge found Jason Stockley not guilty of murder in the 2011 police shooting of Anthony Lamar Smith.

The Prosecution argued that the defendant intended to kill Smith as video footage from within the police car captures Stockley saying “We’re going to kill this motherfucker” and that Stockley planted the weapon recovered from the scene as only his fingerprints were found on the weapon and not Smith’s.

The judge argued that the prosecution couldn’t prove the officer intended to kill Smith or that the gun was planted as video didn’t show the gun in Stockley’s possession prior to finding it.

In December of 2011, Stockley and his partner, Brian Bianchi, attempted to stop Smith after a suspected drug deal in a parking lot. In video captured from the scene, Smith can be seen fleeing in his car causing the officers to take pursuit before they finally crash into Smith’s car. As the officers close in on Smith, video from inside the police car captured Stockley saying “we’re going to kill this motherfucker.”

Shortly after the car is stopped, both the officers make their way to the driver side of the car and eventually Stockley fires five shots into the car and kills Smith. Stockley exits the car with his department issued pistol and his own personal Ak-47 which is against department policy to carry. He later puts the weapon away before using his issued pistol to shoot into the car.

A gun was recovered from the car but only it only had Stockley’s fingerprints on it. Heroin was also recovered from the scene.

Stockley was eventually suspended in 2013 for violating departmental procedures for pursuit and use of force and eventually resigned from the police force. In 2016 charges were brought against Stockley. He waived his right to a jury trial and requested a bench trial and a judge eventually found him not guilty.

Following the not guilty verdict Friday, protestor took to the streets to demonstrate. Initially the protest were peaceful but eventually turned violent as protesters began throwing rocks at the mayors house and smashed the windows of police cars. Officers in riot gear used tear gas to disperse the crowds and at least 80 people have been arrested so far.



St. Louis Today


Justice Department Ends Investigation Into Freddie Gray’s Death Without Prosecution

On Aug 12, the Justice Department announced it would end the investigation into Freddie Gray’s death in police custody without prosecution stating “that the evidence is insufficient to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Officer Caesar Goodson, Officer William Porter, Officer Garrett Miller, Officer Edward Nero, Lieutenant Brian Rice, or Sergeant Alicia White willfully violated Gray’s civil rights.”

According to the Justice Department’s report, Gray made eye contact with a uniformed bicycle patrol and began to flee prompting the officer to pursue Gray before eventually detaining him. Once he was detained, the officers found a knife that they claimed was a “illegal switchblade” which was later found to be a legal knife. His arrest was captured on video by passerby.

Gray was put into the back of the police van head first on his stomach and wasn’t secured with a seat belt which is against the police departments procedures. On the way to transport Gray, the van made four stops and somewhere during the 30 minute drive Gray suffered suffered a fatal spinal injury. Once Gray arrived at the police station he wasn’t able to breathe or talk and was given medical attention.

Gray later died after being in a coma for seven days prompting the Obama Administration’s Justice Department to launch an investigation into the death of Gray and into the Baltimore Police. The Baltimore Police and the Justice Department entered a consent decree in 2016 which requires reforms accords the department.
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