President Trump Signs A Memo Barring Transgender Individuals From Serving In The Military

Friday President Trump signed a memo barring transgender individuals from serving in the military. Trump first announced the policy change through twitter last month.

The policy changes includes a ban on transgender individuals from joining or serving in the military openly and a ban on the use of Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security resources being used on gender reassignment surgery unless necessary to save the life of an individual who has already started gender reassignment surgery.

All transgender individuals who are currently enlisted would have to be provisionally retained by the defense secretary prior to March 23, 2018 to remain in service. All individuals that retained will subjected to a culture where transgender individuals are perceived unfit to serve in the military and “would serve under a vague and shifting stand of whether, at any given time, their presence is deemed consistent with military effectiveness, lethality and budget constraints,” according to a memo released by Palm Center that clarifies some of the misunderstanding in Trumps initial memo.

This new policy would likely force individuals to lie to fight for their country.

The order has a delayed implication and will not go into effect until March 23, 2018. Currently this is a temporary ban on transgender individuals joining the armed service and has been since July when Defense Secretary James Mattis asked for the ban so the department could review the impact transgender individuals have on military service.

This delayed implication allows secretaries to decide how to transition from current policy to a ban.

Since Trump annouced the ban last month, two law suits have been filed in federal court challenging the directive.


Politico 2 federal cases





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