Bill Cosby Hires A New Defense Team And Gets His Sexual Assault Retrial Postponed Till The Spring

Monday Bill Cosby announced he had hired a new legal team.

His new defense team is lead by Thomas Mesereau, the notorious mop top lawyer who gained fame for defending Michael Jackson in 2005 in his child molestation case which lead to Jackson’s acquittal of all charges. It also consist of former federal prosecutor Kathleen Bliss and Philadelphia litigator Sam Silver.

The new legal teams first appearance was at a pre-trail hearing Tuesday where they asked for Cosby’s second sexual assault trial to be postponed till sometime between March 15 and April 1.

Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas Judge Steven O’Neill said the move will give Cosby’s new defense team enough time to prepare.

His original defense team consisted of Brian McMonagle and Angela Agrusa, who withdrew from the case but were present for the hearing.

Cosby’s first trial ended in a hung jury in June after jurors deliberated for over 50 hours.

Cosby is charged with aggravated indecent assault against Andrea Constand who is a former Temple University Administrator. The incident allegedly took place in 2004 at Cosby Philadelphia-area home.

USA Today 


New York Times 


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