Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe Declares State Of Emergency Following Violent Protest in Charlottesville

A “Unite The Right” rally in Charlottesville, Va lead Gov. Terry McAuliffe to declare a state of emergency as thousands of “alt right” activists, KKK members, Nazis, other assorted white supremacists, and armed militia groups fought with anti-fascist groups and other counter-protesters.

The rally, organized by white nationalist Richard Spencer, was set to take place in Emancipation park, formerly known as Lee park, today at 12 p.m. to protest the eminent removal of the Robert E. Lee statue.

Prior to the chaos, fences and a wall of cops helped separate supremacist and counter-protesters. The supremacist side could be seen sporting confederate flags and Nazi memorabilia while they chanted “Fuck you faggots”

Anti-protesters, most notable the Antifa or Antifascist Action, also made their presence know.

About a hour before the rally was set to begin, violence broke out.

The rally was ultimately cancelled about 20 minutes before due to fighting between protesters and anti-protesters.

Va state police deemed the event unlawful assembly and began to expel protesters from the area.

Around 2 p.m. a car plowed into protesters as the peacefully walked downtown. It is not currently known how many people were injured or if the driver did it intentionally but pictures on social media show officials administering aid on the scene.

President Trump took to twitter to condemn the violence.

Former President Bill Clinton also took to twitter to comment on the event.

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