Another Incident Of Body Cams Allegedly Capturing Police Misconduct In Baltimore

For the second time in less than two weeks, a video of police officers allegedly planting evidence has surfaced according to the Maryland Public Defenders Office Monday.

According to multiple reports, the officers saw a male enter his girlfriends car and thought it was a drug deal. They then pulled over the car and began to search the vehicle with their body cams on before turning them off and back on later. At one part in the videos a cop can be seen allegedly planting something before other cops found drugs near the spot later in the video.

The video hasn’t been released by the public defenders office but has been received by ABC and a few other news stations.

Following the event Baltimore Police Commissioner Kevin Davis asked for the public to allow the investigation to be completed before jumping to conclusions.

“I think it’s irresponsible to jump to a conclusion that the police officers were engaged in police misconduct,” Davis said in a press conference. “That’s a heavy allegation to make.”

Of the seven officers involved in this case only two were referred to the department internal affairs and none were suspended.

Another video that was released by the public defenders office last month shows Officer Richard Pinheiro allegedly placing drugs in a soup can while Officers Hovhannes Simonyan and Jamal Brunson watched. Pinheiro later returned to the area and found the drugs.

Body cams used by Baltimore Police have a feature that records 30 seconds prior to when the body cam is actually turned on.

Once the video surfaced, Pinheiro was suspend while Simonyan and Brunson were placed on administrative leave.

Follow the surfacing of this video Commissioner Davis released a memo to all his officers warning them not to stage discovering evidence.

The charges in both cases were dropped after the videos surfaced.

According to a spokesperson for Baltimore city’s state attorney 41 cases have been dropped and 55 other cases are being reviewed.




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