President Donald Trump Endorses The RAISE Act Which Would Introduce A Merit System For Immigrants

On Wednesday President Trump endorsed the Reforming American Immigration for Strong Employment or the RAISE Act.

The bill was first introduced in April and would introduce a merit system which would use factors such as English ability, education levels and job skill to rank applicants for the 140,000 green cards available annually. It would retain immigration preferences for the spouses and minor children of U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents but would remove preferences for other family members.

The RAISE Act would create a temporary visa for parents in need of care taking, remove the Diversity Visa Lottery and would cap refugee limits at 50,000 annually.

According to Sen. Tom Cotton and Sen. David Perdue, the senators who proposed the bill, the bill seeks to “help raise American workers’ wages by reducing overall immigration by half and re-balancing the system toward employment-based visas and immediate family household members.”

Washington Post

How Will Trump’s RAISE Act Affect Immigration To America?

Bill from senators

Bill from 



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