President Donald Trump’s inaugural trip overseas lands in Saudi Arabia

President Donald Trump’s inaugural trip oversea began in Saudi Arabia Saturday where the president was greeted with a lavish welcome and received the royal treatment. According to multiple reports, Saudi and American flags lined the highways. This warm welcome appeared to be a nice change for Mr. Trump who is facing swirling controversy at home as the investigation into Russia collusion with the Trump campaign heats up.

President Trump is the first sitting president to make Saudi Arabia or any Arabic speaking country their first stop on their inaugural 9-day trip. This appears to be an effort by Trump to realign politics in the region by reassuring Sunni Muslims and Israel that they have American support in the fight against ISIS and Iran’s Shiite led government. This is a stark contrast from Former President Barrack Obama who sought to restore friendly relations with Iran and negotiated a deal to prevent Tehran from gaining nuclear weapons.

Trump and King Salaman of Saudi Arabia reached a trade deal focused on increasing security in the Persian Gulf Region.The deal includes an immediate $110 million and could reached upwards into $350 million over 10 years. The deal includes: tanks, planes, combat ships, missile defense systems, precision guided missiles, radar and communications and cyber technology.

Following 2 days in Saudi Arabia, Trump and company will move their journey to Israel, then Trump will meet with Pope Francis at the Vatican. After leaving the Vatican, Trump will attend a NATO summit in Brussels and finally end his trip by joining the world’s major industrial nations at a group of seven gathering in Sicily.

Other news sources coverage of the story:

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