Trump orders airstrike on Syrian airfield believed to be responsible for chemical attack earlier this week.

Early Friday morning Syrian time United States launched 59 bombs on the Syrian airbase that is believed to have carried out the chemical attack in response to the chemical attacks that happened early this week in Syria. There are different accounts on how many bombs hit. A source from the US military says all but 1 bomb hit but a Russian news source said only 23 of the bombs hit.

In response to the chemical attack in Syria, an airstrike was targeted at a chemical warehouse that had sarin and It released into the air killing anybody who came in contact. According to different sources at least 80 people died and at least 20 were children.

The air strike early Apr. 7 killed 9 people including 4 children according to USA Today.

Syria’a biggest allies, Russia and Iran, have condemned the attacks. Russia has suspended an agreement that requires both sides to release their flight paths to avoid direct contact between US and Russia forces in the area. Iran has promised ” they will not be quiet” about the attack and both are calling it an act of aggression. Rex Tillerson, the Secretary of State, had planned to go to Russia earlier this week and according to Russia officials, the meeting will still take place.

Although America has bombed Syrian targets in the area before, this is the first time the airstrikes have targeted Basher Assad’s forces directly.

Below are links to other new sources’ coverage of the event:


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